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Get the benefits of massage, at home. Wahl’s hand-held massagers help manage pain, stimulate faster healing and improve health.

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Foot and Ankle Spa

SKU: 04205

  • Massaging vibration and effervescent bubbles soothe tight muscles and relax overworked feet
  • Pedicure center includes four attachments that soften and pamper like a salon pedicure
  • Heat boost power heats cold water to 98 Degree F in minutes 
  • Four pressure-node rollers provide kneading massage to relax and rejuvenate tired soles and arches
$69.99 (or less)
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Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

SKU: 04290-300

  • The Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager relieves pain and fatigue.
  • The massager comes with four unique attachments to customize your massage
$44.99 (or less)
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Heated Deep Knead Shiatsu Massage Wrap

SKU: 04270

  • Most Versatile Solution to Ease your pain
  • Two-Shiatsu Zones with 3 Rollers each allowing 6 Massage Nodes 
  • Customize pressure by using the Handled Straps 
  • Soothing Heat to Penetrate muscles for faster relief
$39.99 (or less)
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Heated Lumbar Massage

SKU: 04230

  • Vibrating Massage - Relax & Soothe Tight Muscles
  • Home & Auto use, 120V all & 12V car adaptors included
  • Ultimate custom massage: Massage plus Heat, your choice of massage, soothing heat or both
  • Lumbar support, Supports the natural shape of the lower back
  • Thick Foam  & Plush Fabric
$39.99 (or less)
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Heated Neck & Back Massager

SKU: 97792

  • 4 massage areas.
  • 2 heat areas in the neck and upper back.
  • Hand controls with 2 programs for customization.
  • Perfect for neck, back and shoulder areas.
$39.99 (or less)
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Heated Therapeutic Foot Massage

SKU: 04299

  • Soothing heat throughout and 4 customized massage programs 
  • Warm, luxurious fabrics and high-density support cushion
  • Built-in 2" angled foot rest or add Kickstand for a 4" heated massaging foot rest
$39.99 (or less)
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Hot-Cold Therapy Massager

SKU: 04295-400

  • Hot Cold Therapy Massager is a corded massager with variable intensity for light or intense massage.
  • Comes complete with 7 attachment heads plus a heat and cold attachment. 
$34.99 (or less)
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Heat Therapy™ Therapeutic Massager

SKU: 04196-1201

  • With the Wahl massager you can choose massage only, heat only, or combination of both, 2 vibration settings and 2 heat settings.
  • Heat function penetrates deeply to soothe stiff and aching muscles.
  • Powerful, lightweight, quiet, a Wahl massager is the perfect way to relax and put your body at ease.
$27.99 (or less)
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Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack

SKU: 97788-100N

  • Hot-Cold Massage Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack. Massage combined with hot & cold for enhanced pain relief.
$24.99 (or less)
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All-Body Therapeutic Massager

SKU: 04120-600

  • Versatile 2-speed hand-held massager for gentle or deep massage
  • Ergonomically designed with multi-grip handle for complete comfort. Select an attachment and customize your massage to match your needs
$19.99 (or less)
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